The Stillhouse Moonshine whiskey encased in a book is designed for a bar

I love a good read over before I go to bed, but I agree it can get cumbersome to maintain and manage timeless classics. For those who like it as collectibles are more useful, you can get rid of the text pages and use them to keep confidential papers away from prying eyes. But if you want something a bit classier in such cases, you can opt for the Stillhouse Moonshine: The Book. The boxed book set resembles “two large volumes of old books off the shelf,” with a Moonshine whiskey bottle hidden inside.

But that’s not even the best part. You can also pick “from the 500 numbered editions” and customize every detail of your book including its age, its cover and its initial pages describe the story of Moonshine. Time to move your bar over to the bookshelf, isn’t it?

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