The Trumpet Harmonica for the oldies good time

Whether you give them the latest model of phone or the latest kitchen gadget, they don’t seem to like anything but the antique pieces from the old ages. The Trumpet Harmonium is one such thing that they would go head over heels for! This one out here is hand-made by the famous Hohner instrument company which are renowned makers for over 150 years. The design is the authentic 1907 one and includes five meticulously crafted brass bells that produce vivacious sound from the instrument. The wood used in this instrument is the same one which is used in orchestral recorders and the solid pearwood core which forms the core of the Harmonica will not swell even after years.

The harmonica is tuned to the key of C-major and it measures about 7” L*13 ½” W*3 1/”D(1/2lb) It is retailed at $120.