The Ultimate Gift This season is: Extreme luxury

Have money-will buy, that is the driving force for most shoppers this season. Gone are the days of thoughtful romantic gifts, where a simple flower and a poem would suffice. Now are the days to indulge in the Bling things. The women have stopped lusting after the $1,000 handbags, and are more interested in exclusive one-off things like the handbag from Gucci: a large crocodile purse with a price tag of €13,900, or about $18,000. If you think men are not guilty of self-indulgence, then think again. Men too want expensive and luxurious gifts to pamper themselves. “I do believe that we have the possibility to go higher — a couture line — not only for clothing but also for luxury sportswear with handmade products that have the idea of an upper class,” says Ermenegildo Zegna, who says that his male clients are excited with the idea of owning exclusive and ‘limited edition’ pieces.

In flagship Giorgio Armani stores, men are offered “Su Misura,” made-to-order clothing with a choice of 220 different suit fabrics, another 25 for tuxedos, and 120 for shirts. A suit costs between €1,600 and €3,000. Extreme luxury products are here to stay, the more expensive and exclusive they are, the higher the cliental. It is just a matter of how you market your wares to the customers this season and rake in the moolah!

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