“The Ultimate Job” pays to take a luxury vacation with loved one

Imagine having a ‘no strings attached’ job! Described as “The Ultimate Job” RunawayBrideAndGroom.com will select one luxury loving lucky couple to test exotic honeymoon locations. On their six month trip around Ireland, they would have to blog their experiences for The Irish Times on a monthly basis. What’s more, they would also be paid a whopping $27,000 for just lazing around. Gates for applications are open until the 7th of April, 2010; however, reportedly over a 1000 couples have already applied for the job!

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2009 saw a new concept called the ‘Best Job in the World’ giving fuel to several other down the way. The Australian Tourism opened its doors for six months Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef for promoting tourism. A 34-year old Brit Ben Southall, bagged the job by beating 34,000 applicants. He also got richer by almost $140,000 by blogging about his experience as the islands caretaker.

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