The Vividus $60,000 Mattress-I’ve skipped a heatbeat already

If at Luxury Launches, it has to be off the beaten path and exquisite. If you believe 8 hours of blissful sleep has no parallel, you got to check out this handcrafted mattress. Before I drop in the price, a word of caution…HOLD YOUR BREATH! It would only (yeah…only) set you back frigging $60,000. If you just happen to survive this news, we would further more tell you that some guy in Sweden has worked since seven long years on this mattress and managed to bring it on surface. One baffling fact is No corners were cut when creating the Vividus.

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Vividus is built by hand by the most experienced and skilful craftsmen using techniques that have been employed in the Swedish furniture industry since the 1850s. The old craftsman methods deliver the word of high quality.