The Voila Gallery and its Incredible Mechanical Sculpture

Don’t let the main title mislead you. This sculpture, while considered incredible by some, is quite a ridiculous piece of art. Although it is pretty cool insomuch as when it is turned on, the head starts turning, the glasses go up and down, the propeller works and a lot more! Basically, there’s a lot of action going on! The gallery calls it picture-perfect but fragile. I think it looks like the remains of an alien, but hey…I’m no art connoisseur!

This piece’s creator is unknown (more reasons for me to believe it’s the remains of an alien). It stands 6 feet and 5 inches tall, is 4 feet and 8 inches deep, and 1 foot and 10 inches wide. There is only one such piece in the gallery, and it comes to an interested buyer at the cost of a whopping USD 24,000.

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