The world finally gets a cure for greed!

Greed- it is one of the seven deadliest sins, and with good reason, at that. Even the best of us are not spared; it is, after all, an intrinsic part of our innate personalities. While its rosy premises are often justified as ambitious and the reason for growth, extreme hunger can lead to one’s downfall. Dutch conceptual artist Diddo claims to have created a cure for this, free of all side effects, created over a pain-staking four-month-long process. His ‘The Cure for Greed’ injection kit comprises of a 24K gold-plated syringe and needles and a vial of pure US dollar ink serum mechanically extracted by churning about US$10,000!

The aim of this iconic object is to spark an internal social dialogue-between who we are and who we want to be. The fundamental principle is to re-evaluate our values and assumptions and inject them with a new energy to evolve further.
While the object, which is the first of its kind, is as fascinating as it is inviting, one can’t help but wonder if the greed to get rid of greed will be yet another shortcoming of human nature.

The Cure for Greed – The making of from Diddo on Vimeo.


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