The world most expensive advent calendar features carved glass angels and diamonds for $2.68 million

The year will be over in just a couple of weeks from now, and the first thing you will get rid of, and replace is your calendar. Ring out the old year with opulence with the most expensive the in world, which is studded with gold and diamonds. For counting down the days, you can get yourself, the filigree glass artwork that features 24 diamonds depicting dates that leads up to Christmas. Priced at £1.7 million ($2.68 million) excluding VAT, the calendar crafted by Belgium based-Octagon Blue GCV will also sent to you diamond shaped fairies apart from small parcels of 100 quarter carat diamonds, bringing the total diamonds weight to 81 carats.

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Moreover you can head over to their renowned jewelry studio Biegel, in Frankfurt for some custom designed jewelry.