The world’s first blue rose Applause to debut in North America

Spring and summertime when nature decides to dress with the prettiest of hues. And come November, the world will be waiting to witness a rose-hued very differently from others. Known the world over for its “nearly 100% blue-pigmented petals, blue rose APPLAUSE”, the first of its kind in the world, Suntory will unveil it in North America. The rose sports almost 100% blue-pigmented petals, making it the most technically sophisticated attempt to create a blue-hued rose. The rose first went on sale in Tokyo way back in 2009. After the launch, you can pick up the blue rose APPLAUSE in North America at select florists. Crave reports that, “Prices will vary among florists, but a single Applause stem can be had in Japan for about 3,700 yen (roughly $48).

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