The world’s most expensive pineapple is not the biggest!

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Calling all health conscious foodies! For all the luxury fruit lovers in the world, you can add the most expensive pineapple to your list of rare Ruby Roman Grapes and the Pyramid shaped Watermelon. What makes this six inch long fruit command a price tag of $15,250? Well that’s the price you pay for a fruit that was grown in Cornwall in a glasshouse heated by horse manure and urine soaked hay. The fruit was ripened in the Heligan’s pineapple pit which is 40ft long and has 4ft-deep trenches that is filled with 30 tons of hay decomposing in horse-urine. The ideal temperature needs to be at least 11C and a maximum of 24C. In the future they would use artificial nitrogen fertilizers instead of urine for the hay.

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