The world’s most expensive playhouse is custom built for £150,000

When the rich want something for their children, they go way out, and how! An unnamed Swiss billionaire wanted his kids to have a play house just like his chalet in the foothills of the Alps for Christmas. Called as the Wendy house, the house can now be seen at Gstaad. Hand-built by Russell Bowlby, owner of children’s play equipment firm Flights of Fantasy, the house features a 18 feet x 15 feet walk area, and stands 12 feet tall. It is made from 13,000 feet of sandblasted pine wood planks to keep the house insulated in sub-zero temperatures too.

The two storey timber house has been double glazed, pine floors with heating underneath and as many as 400 decorative bulbs. On the inside, there are four rooms, a large living room featuring a stone chimney that has been lit up using red LED lights, customized furnishings and TV equipment.
The second room is the kitchen with mod cons that comes with fitted cupboards, a hob, fridge, sink and microwave. The other two rooms are bedrooms, one of which is on the mezzanine level, which spot two beds each for sleepovers.
The house costs £150,000 ($232,235) with a £100,000 ($154,815) spent on materials and construction and other costs alone, the other £50,000 ($77,410) where required to ship the play house to Switzerland.

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