The world’s most expensive poker set from Geoffrey Parker, London costs $7.3 million

If you enjoy having friends over for a fun poker night and are a big winner, showing off a bit doesn’t hurt, right? Geoffrey Parker, London, known to create custom gifts has come out with the world’s most expensive poker set. To start with you can get custom colored genuine alligator skin case with locks, and other hardware including the combination locks all set in 18 carat white gold. The insides are lined in suede and spot a 18 carat gold and diamond frame.

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On the inside, you will find the playing cards nestled inside four platinum-plated decks. Plus you also get 384, 18 carat white gold chip with inlaid stingray skin shagreen with customized values. And the cheery on top of this 22,364 stone studded 1,012 carats set is the 18 carat white gold dealer button to play a game.
Not for the weak willed, the set is priced at a whooping $7.3 million a piece!

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