The world’s smallest hand engraving on razor blade is up for $76,000

Small is beautiful… and also expensive apparently. Graham Scott has created one of the smallest hand engravings on a Wilkinson Sword razor blade with a motto we are sure he believes in – Nothing is Impossible. It is so tiny that it measures just a tenth of a millimeter and can be read with a medical microscope only 400 times magnification. The razor blade costs $76,119. The 64-year old craftsman has been engraving since the 1960s and has always wanted to create something small, and this time he got mighty serious about it and prepared this stunning piece of art with pure dedication.

He took close to 150 hours, if not more, and seven months to complete this creation. To not get anything wrong, he is literally watching his heartbeat, using a stethoscope, and did work at night so that the traffic vibrations would not alter his work. Dedication at such a price is well-received.
[Luxury-insider And Telegraph]

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