The Yellow Gold Tea Buds is most expensive tea in the world

We all know about the most expensive coffee in the world and its unique source. Now here’s some info about the world’s most expensive tea. The title of the world’s most expensive tea goes to The Yellow Gold Tea Buds tea from Singapore’s TWG tea company, which is actually painted with real gold! Being a tea lover, I was definitely amazed by the process of harvesting this tea. According to TWG tea connoisseur Alexandre Mallochet, this tea is harvested on only one mountain, one day per year. What is more, it is harvested exclusively with golden scissors and only from the top of the tree, which is the tea bud. It is then sun-dried and placed into closed containers to slightly heat the tea leaves so that the polyphenols that they contain can be released and give a yellowish color to the leaves and a very soft and flowery taste. After this, the tea is painted with 24 ct gold flakes! The gold is not used to give it a luxurious finish but to provide nutritional benefits, as, in Asia, gold is believed to be good for health.

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A rare tea, it is said to be the tea of the Emperors of China. TWG gets access to this exclusive tea thanks to the privileged relationships they have cultivated throughout the years of sourcing tea plantations worldwide.
Considering it’s painted with real gold, you can expect the price tag to be expensive. The drink is priced at $150 Singapore ($106) for 50 grams!

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