Theo Kamacke turns circuit boards into unique objects of art

Stuff recycled out of circuit boards cannot be categorized as luxurious or opulent and hence usually fails to find a mention on Luxurylaunches. But since there are exceptions to every rule, let’s take a look at Theo Kamecke’s work of art. The artist has garnered attention for recycling vintage electronic circuit boards into outstanding chests, sculptures, and boxes. Making use of a technique called marquetry, the artist has glamorized his creations such that they have found their way into art galleries. Costing anywhere from a few thousand to many thousand dollars, Kamecke’s clients include famous director James Cameron and Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. The highlight of his creations is the Digital Jukebox. Recycled out of electronic elements and shaping it back into a functional electronic piece of art is stunning. The artist has installed a music system inside the jukebox for himself and commissioned a few musicians to record the bass lines from some of his favorite songs from the 1960s and 1970s. Rollover to know about his exclusive creations…

Though many cabinets and chests claim a large section of his collection, the Nefertiti cabinet is honored as his most complex piece.
Ra is his creation that ended up with Hollywood director James Cameron. It is shaped out especially for the gods to dwell in!
Each creation is meticulously crafted by hand and hence is 100% exclusive!

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