There is a company that will ship you three dead leaves for $20

In a world where just about anything sells, here you have one more preposterous product demanding a price. A New England-based company is eager to bring you the fall season at a price of $19.99. What they claim is that their personnel literally hike around the terrain of New England scouting for the ideal selection of leaves.

dead-leaves 1
Each package priced at $19.99, entails an assortment of three colour-balanced leaves: red, yellow and green or mixed. Of course, the flawless set is about 3-inches by 6-inches, but since they’re leaves, understandably sizing varies.

Kyle Waring, the 27-year-old Somerville resident is behind this start-up, who launched the new website on Tuesday. Waring claims he has already received more than 75 orders in just 24 hours of business. But Waring is no stranger to monetizing off of the seasons. He also started a company that ships snow. “Foliage seemed to be the next best commodity of New England,” said Waring.

Well to give you a summary of the process; the leaves are preserved by soaking them in a mixing of baking glycerine and water for three days, then they’re set to dry for another three days. That gloss you cherish on leaves is obtained by this process. Although we do feel that the smell and atmosphere of fall season is something even is unable to provide!

[ Via : Mashable ]

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