Immortalize the ashes of your lived ones in these trippy orbs

The erstwhile urn brings with it solemn and somber memories of our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Preserving the ashes of our dear departed could be a painful decision for the family and there are many who would love to continue to do so. Taking notice of this dilemma, Seattle-based company, Artful Ashes has devised a brilliant idea for the perfect memorial that can hold ashes in a colorful, pleasing-to-the-eyes glass-work. “Our artists capture the essence of your loved ones spirit in a swirl of color and ashes, sealed forever within beautiful glass art,” says the company website. “These amazing pieces comfort your grieving, allowing you to hold and treasure your memories.”

Artful Ashes may be getting it right with their designs by infusing the little glass-blown orbs with colorful patterns that surround the ashes. However, they also take special care to ensure that the ashes are efficiently and carefully labelled and kept safe throughout the process. If you would ask for it, they can also inscribe the name of the person on one of these glassy tributes.

[ Via : Mymodernmet ]

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