Thieves loot Cartier store in Cannes and flee with jewelry worth $21.3 million

Like a Hollywood movie scene, thieves walked into a Cartier store in Cannes and stole jewelry worth £13 million ($21.3 million)! According to police, a man wearing a floral shirt walked in and threatened the staff with a gun at the store near the Carlton hotel. Two accomplices wearing crash helmets then entered the store. They took jewels from the glass display cases before fleeing along Cannes’ famous Croisette promenade on scooters after the raid on Monday. Police investigating this theft are now wondering if these thieves are part of the Pink Panther gang, which has recently carried out a spate of spectacular jewelry thefts across Europe. Top jewelers and police chiefs worldwide are hunting the Panthers, a sophisticated international crime syndicate that has reaped around £100 million ($163 million) in jewelry heists over the past decade. This gang is rumored to comprise around 200 war-hardened members from across the former Yugoslavia. The attention to detail paid by these crooks has made one criminologist call this heist artistic.

Only after further details and arrests will we come to know whether or not the Cartier heist in Cannes was the work of the Panthers or not.

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