This $22,000 book showcases the most accurate pictures of the Sistine Chapel

It isn’t easy to get a clear look at the Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican City. However, in changing that, publishing company Callaway Arts and Entertainment in association with Vatican Museums is all set to release a three-volume set of books that features extremely precise images of Michelangelo’s well-known frescoes.

To develop the images in the book, a team painstaking labored over the course of 67 consecutive nights to snap pictures of the Renaissance artworks using the latest technology in gigapixel photography. A total of 270,000 images were put together, with each being 99.4 percent precise in terms of color.

Commenting on its $22,000 price tag of the book, Nicholas Callaway, in a statement, said, “You see it at the same size, at arm’s length, as a viewer as if you were a bird sitting on Michelangelo’s shoulder. If you put it in the realm of unique things, or if you put it in the context of the art market, $22,000 is not an expensive work of art.” He further added, “One of our primary goals is to place a significant portion of the edition in institutions where it will be available to everyone for generations to come…It’s a work for the world.”

The Sistine Chapel volumes (limited to 1,999 copies, with only 600 available in English) will release on November 1 on the company’s website, with pre-orders available now.

[Via: Artnet]

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