This artist turns basketballs into objects of art

After causing ripples with his ‘Literally balling’ series, artist Victor Solomon hits us again with his new work called the Moonshot VS.004 – a re-constructed ceramic football of sorts. The fragile ceramic ball is created using the ancient Japanese technique of ‘Kintsugi’ and is developed by Solomon is close consultation with ceramicist Brock Deboer.

Measuring 9″ throughout its diameter, the new addition to the ‘Literally balling’ series is luxe to an unimaginable degree and is a must have for art and football connoisseurs alike. With the help of the classic Kintsugi method, the piece is created by breaking apart perfectly shaped porcelain pieces, only to refuse them by aesthetically highlighting its cracks and repairs.

Solomon’s moonshot in its circular form, is skillfully made up of reconstructed porcelain, gold dust and resin, and is easily desirable for anyone who sets eyes on it. The meticulously crafted art-ball is only limited to 33 pieces and comes with a sleek acrylic stand of its own. It is priced for a steep $2,499 USD each and is now available for sale at Literally Balling’s online store.