This Chinese woman made a staggering $424,000 by getting insurance on flights she predicted would get delayed

You may have seen many impressive con movies but you have to give it up for 45-year-old woman, surnamed Li who has raised the conning bar single-handedly. Her con is so well planned and rather well executed until it was busted. The story goes that Li from Nanjing, China, booked hundreds of flights from 2015 to 2019; the twist to the tale is she never really got on those flights as her only goal was to purchase flight delay insurance to turn the flight into a money-making opportunity. You can’t just call it random guesswork because Li was actually making use of her past travel service work experience to selectively take out insurance on flights that she thought would be delayed. The lady made $424,000 off the 900 flights she booked and ditched in those five years. She really did think this process through as Li cleverly created as many as 20 identities and would only take out up to 30 or 40 insurance policies using each identity. As much as she tried to stay off the radar of authorities, the act got busted and the police caught up with her misdeeds and arrested her on April 29.

With Li’s story getting ousted a lot of insurance companies have already fixed the loopholes that Li took advantage of to get rich. Li is now arrested and charged for fraud. With the coronavirus outbreak and many flights getting canceled and delayed, she probably made a lot of money not too long ago!

[Via: Shanghaiist]

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