This incredible solid silver replica of the Swiss Parliament took 2 years to be handcrafted by expert jewelers

If you’re in awe with aesthetics or are looking for the perfect gift for an architecture lover, there’s nothing better to invest in than this silver-made scale model of the Swiss Bern Parliament Building a.k.a. Bundeshaus Bern. With its majestic architecture and intricate details, the Bundeshaus has inspired the many over the years, including the jewelers behind the rendering of this one-of-its-kind replica.

Designed by Hans Auer, the ‘Federal Palace’ is an iconic symbol of the Swiss capital. It is now presented in as a miniature hand-crafted piece available in the form of an exact replica of the building at a scale of 1:120. It is created by renowned Russian artists and master jewelers using the most exacting silversmith techniques to produce a stunning showcase that is truly unlike any other. Composed of more than 2500 individual parts, the exotic model consists of more than 18 kg of 925 silver, weighing in at a total of 50 kg.

The Miniature Bundeshaus also showcases detailing by the Fabergé master jewelers along with an extensive use of the filigree technique, which gives it a surreal realism of sorts. Colored portions of the silver-made copy such as the coats of arms further showcases enamel techniques that render a touch of luxe to its already stunning make. The exclusive ‘Swiss House of Parliament-Bundeshaus’ is currently available for purchase on the online store BonCadeau for 275,000 euro (or approximately $3,06,776 USD).

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