This Japanese artist has photographed huge bouquets of flowers on the depths of ocean and they look surreal

After recently sending his beautiful flower arrangements off into space, Azuma Makato has plunged a fresh set of flowers into the depths of the ocean. For a project entitled Sephirothic Flower: Diving Into the Unknown, the artist sent three bouquets of flowers and a pine bonsai to a depth of 881 meters with an atmospheric sea pressure of 885 pa.

A remotely operated exploration vehicle followed the flowers into the Suruga Bay of Japan.

“There was a feeling of letting go, of releasing them into a new dimension,” Makato said, “Cut flowers are cut from nature; you’re counting down to their death. But with this, it was like we were rewinding that process. There was a feeling that they were going back to nature, which felt very dramatic for me.”

This bouquet was christened Red God.

The Pine God bonsai attained depths of 1,019 meters with a sea pressure of 1027 pa.

The Summer Bouquet is explored by a crustacean.

The God to God bouquet which looks almost perfect deep underwater.

This photo series is a continuation of the artist’s In Bloom project.

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