This professional scuba diver artist creates unbelievable paintings under the water

Art is everything and living by this notion to the tee is scuba diver and painting artist: Olga Belka who can create unbelievable paintings of the water life by diving right to the ocean bed! Yup, that’s right! While anyone can spill out their imagination on a canvas at home, there are few like Olga who can create stunning art under water.

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A Russian born diving instructor and professional underwater painter, Olga specializes in portraits and still life paintings, many of which are inspired by underwater creatures and plants. The Thailand-based artist apparently carries her personal painting set (replete with paints, brushes and a canvas) right to the ocean’s bed where she sets shop and paints for hours at one stretch. She carefully observes the underwater movements and captures the awe-inspiring scenes on canvas by staying meditatively under the water for up to six hours on rare occasions. She further uses only water-friendly paints and other environment-safe equipment to capture her imagination for the world.

Commenting on her skills, Olga said, “I wanted to capture the underwater beauty and share my impressions with other people. She further added, “An artist is not a profession, it is a mission. I want to share my vision of the underwater kingdom with the world. That is why I do painting underwater. For me, the sea is a boundless resource of inspiration and energy.” Whoever said ‘Art knows no bounds’ was probably right!


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