This specially engineered Japanese fidget spinner can spin for over 12 minutes!

If you haven’t heard of fidget spinners yet then you must be living under a rock, because these handheld distractions have taken over the world. It was totally unsurprising then, when a Russian company decided to take the craze all the way to the bank by introducing gold fidget spinners (presumably for the same people who drive gold plated cars and use gold plated iPhones). But interestingly a Japanese company went in a different direction when crafting their own fidget spinner; their Saturn Spinner is designed to whirl for longer than any other version of the toy available in the market.

It’s being touted as the “Rolls Royce of fidget spinners” and is created by a subsidiary of NSK, a company that makes precision machinery. The Saturn Spinner – comprised of a brass frame and aluminum ball bearing- can spin for as long as 13 minutes and 35 seconds. “We’re confident that ours is the longest spinner around,” said Toshikazu Ishii, president of NSK Micro Precision.

The improved design comes at a price though. Where ordinary fidget spinners cost a few dollars, the Saturn Spinner is priced at 17,280 yen ($157) each.


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