As seen in HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ – This startup is charging $8000 for the wealthy to have teen blood in their veins

The search to the secret to eternal life is not new and in fact goes thousands of years back. Billions of dollars is spent every year in research in something known as life extension science, also known as anti-aging experimental gerontology. But a small start-up named Ambrosia believes there is a rather simple and straightforward way to slow down aging if not cheat death completely. At the Recode conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, Jesse Karmazin who leads the biotech startup Ambrosia talked and discussed about his absolutely crazy idea. Ambrosia believes that young blood actually does have health benefits for older adults and is charging about $8,000 a pop for blood transfusions from people under 25.

About 100 people have signed up to receive an infusion, Karmazin said at the Conference. Anyone over age 35 can become an Ambrosia customer, Karmazin added, but most of the early adopters tend to be of retirement age. He also stressed that it’s a range of people, and not just Bay Area technologists, who have signed up. The company buys its supply from blood banks, which also sell blood to pharmaceutical companies. But he stressed that the company does not claim that it can cure aging. Instead it’s an experiment and Karmazin hopes to get hundreds of more Ambrosia customers in order to study whether this anti-aging method will actually work.