This Tesla-loving couple actually had the Model 3 incorporated into their wedding proposal!

Tesla is known for hiding Easter Eggs in their software and one clever engineering student decided to make use of them while devising an elaborate proposal for his girlfriend. Texas based Matthew Piccolo and his now fiancée Jessica Kuzma share a love for Teslas, both hoping to own the famed electric cars in the future. Matthew wanted to incorporate their shared love for Teslas into his proposal, to make it all the more memorable.

Matthew drove Jessica around in a rental Model 3 on a rainy day in Texas and when she saw “Will you marry me?” written on the car’s sketchpad Easter Egg, there could only be one answer. Of course she said yes! The couple shared images of the proposal on their social media and Matthew even thanked Elon Musk for creating a car that served as an awesome “wingman”.

The Tesla love is cute and everything, but we’ll be holding out for a money bouquet.


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