This video made Instagram shut down the account of a Dubai based influencer / personal shopper

Women love to shop. We all know that. We love it so much that we often get blinded by the red flags of sales so much that we don’t even find our bearings. Let alone acknowledge another’s presence in a 10cm radius. Veronica in the Archies comics is a stark example of this phenomenon. How she has always got a man or attendant trailing behind her, hidden in a mountain of shopping bags. Now if that happened for real, many eyebrows would shoot up and, and trolling would roll in. As occurred in glitzy Dubai, to a relatively known fashion blogger. This act of shopaholic-ness, however, cost her some precious hours blocked out of social media when Instagram blocked her account for a few hours.

She alleges that it could have been a video she posted where an attendant trails behind her as she strolls down the aisle at one of Dubai’s popular shopping destinations, the Mall of the Emirates. The man is, as in the comics, hidden behind a pile of shopping bags, yet falling in stride behind Nicole Majdalany who goes by the Insta handle Nicole_Ontrend. The stylist influencer posted the video three days before New Year ’s Eve with the caption – “hurry up then #stopcomplaining”. A week later, her account was disabled midday on a Saturday. After an appeal was sent to the social media platform, the account was reactivated three days later, on a Tuesday morning at 9am. No reasons were cited but the human shopping cart is considered the closest plausible cause. Majdalany who has in the past posted similar pictures received much flak for this video, from several people, saying her content is “tongue-in-cheek”. Some have even gone ahead to say that all this money that she seemingly spends on designer goods could go for better causes like charity. Another attack launched at her said that “diminishing human dignity of others” made her fail to look “royal” or “respectful”.

People are jobless. Not only are you sitting idle somewhere flipping or scrolling down Instagram pointlessly and then to sit and judge people who are doing their thing, in their way. What certainty do people have whether she is charitable or not? What guarantee do they have that she is perhaps not paid to promote the brands? It could be anything. To take the effort to stop by a video, which you sit and watch through till the end and then slash at it for being disrespectful… is, well, disdainful. Methinks so.


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