Thomas Lemut’s unique Pole Lamp for the space conscious

When it comes to blending luxury, art, and modern design in a piece, no one does it like Thomas Erber. The creator of Cabinet of Curiosités, Thomas’ designer creations are the insight word in futuristic design. One can merely look at the art deco he creates and a bunch of other, equally gifted artists to understand what really is a contemporary design. Little wonder that his pieces are a ‘want’ with the Richie-rich across the world. They are sauvé, beautiful-looking, and can impress the most jaded of the palate. Look at this Pole Lamp, for example. Even to the untrained eyes, this piece holds equal appeal as to the know-hows of art. Custom made in stainless steel, copper, or brass, detailing this pole-inspired height-adjustable flap is breathtaking. But the most important bit of the design is its practicality.

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A flap of a door opens to reveal a lamp that can be adjusted depending upon where and how do you need the lamp. And its compact design makes it a favorite of modern homes. -Minimalistic designs, keep on getting better! This one-of-its-kind piece is exhibited at Colette for December and retails at $18445.

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