Three days of De-stressing therapy costs $15,000

It would have been an abnormal case if your firm is not among the list of unfortunate companies that is under debt or least of all, unaffected by the wrath of the economic depression that didn’t raise its ugly head since the Great Depression of 1929. That must mean a lot of stress for one and all. If you want a uber solution for getting rid of the stress, it’s simple, just chip in some $15,000 for 3 days at an “executive resilience summit” at Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica. The Spa is owned by former AOL Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin and his wife Laurie Ann. A press release quotes, “executives are facing possibly the toughest time in their careers.”

According to Newsweek, “, The Summits are a mix of role-playing, personality, lectures, and interactive group sessions that Levin says teach hard-charging executives to understand the toll that relentless over-achieving takes on their health and their personal lives. So we should put our foot down and accept the $200 per hour one-on-one three-day de-stressing sessions to be lucrative enough for our executives facing financial crisis.”