Tibaldi Bentley Continental pens to enhance your ‘signature’ style

If you believe that a nice and classy pen is essential to complete your suave and smart look, you definitely need to invest in the Tibaldi Bentley Continental pens. Inspired by the lines of the Bentley Continental range, which includes the Continental GT, Continental GTC, and Continental Flying Spur, this line is definitely a beauty. The lid and the lower part of the barrel are knurled while the top of the lid features Bentley’s signature B monogram. This exclusive edition is limited to just nine hundred and ninety-nine pieces, making this range even more attractive and exquisite. The pen is available in fountain pen, rollerball, and mechanical pencil variants in five different colors taken from Bentley’s paint palate that promise to appeal to every man.

A perfect way to flaunt your classy and stylish looks; this pen is definitely great. All those who wish to own this beauty are available at all Bentley dealerships and Tibaldi stores.

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