Tiny Tots getting off chauffer driven cars cause traffic snarls

Car parking woes are not restricted to the adults-only these days, little children are being dragged into parking-outside-the-school controversies too. Getting to Y’s the famous nursery school at 92nd Street YMCA in Manhattan in the morning school hours is an impossible task these days. The little tots getting off their black luxury-edition sport utility vehicles like the Mercedes GL-Class or the GMC Yukon Denali are quite oblivious to the fact that their chauffeurs fill the lanes in front of the Y’s entrance on Lexington Avenue, often two or three rows deep. The school authorities are very concerned about the safety of the children being brought in and the threat posed by the idling cars while the nannies go to drop off the kids. The director of the school, Nancy Schulman has sent out a letter to all families insisting that the drivers find a legal parking space or wait elsewhere till the kids are being dropped off to school.

The Y is not the only school in the neighborhood facing this traffic threat where children get to school by car and driver. Drop-off hour at Nightingale-Bamford, on 92nd Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues, and at Dalton’s lower school, on 91st between Park and Madison, is pretty much the same with chauffeured SUVs dropping off the Tots.

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