Toilet papers from Virgin wood more harmful to the environment than a Hummer

Campaigners recently found out that extra-soft toilet paper is more harmful to the environment than gas-guzzling cars. American’s obsession for hygiene and expensive, quilted multiply paper results into felling of thousands of trees in the US every year. Apparently more than 98 per cent of the toilet paper in the country comes from virgin forests and hardly uses any recycled materials, whereas 40% of the toilet paper comes from recycled products in Europe. The chemicals used in the paper pulp manufacture result into the release of toxic waste into the environment. Apparently, Americans use more paper than any other country, about three times more than the UK and 100 times more than the average person in China, mainly because of their obsession with soft toilet paper.

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But toilet paper manufacturer Kimberly-Clark is in total denial that their products are harming the environment and that their company uses paper from sustainably farmed forests in Canada. Greenpeace has launched an ecological guide to toilet paper in an effort to counter the multi-million pound market budget of luxury toilet paper manufactures. Although this may be a controversial subject, I do believe that there could be a lot done in this regard since Trees are a renewable resource.

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