Toilets shaped like mini spaceships to find a place on the streets of San Francisco

If you live in San Francisco, you’ve probably come across the forest-green, mock-Parisian art nouveau toilets that are deployed on city streets since the mid-1980s. The lack-luster cubicles not only mean a compromise on hygiene but are also a sore sight for the eyes. However, in catering to its infrastructural makeover, the city of San-Francisco is all set to built space-ship like toilets in lieu of the current ones.

Designed by SmithGroupJJR, the ingeniously structured cubicles make the look for future public toilets in the city as selected from among three finalists in a design competition. Defined as “sleek, shiny and modern,” the unusually reflective metal lavatories include a planter and a rooftop garden along with a green technology that enables them to collect and re-use rainwater to water vegetation and flush toilets.

Despite its unique structural shape, Smithgroup’s loos consists of panels that are simple to assemble and maintain. Its exterior shell consists of glass and metal skin, while the inside is fitted with a luxe pot and other basic amenities. Commenting on the new SF toilets, SmithGroupJJR design Principal Bill Katz in a statement said, “The design blends sculpture with technology in a way that conceptually and literally reflects San Francisco’s unique neighborhoods,” He further added, “Together, the varied kiosks and public toilets will tell a sustainability story through water re-use and native landscapes.” Well, we couldn’t have agreed more to the last bit!

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