Top 5 NBA players with the heftiest paychecks

NBA is the most popular game in the USA. Consequently, the players are elevated to the position of a god. Naturally, fame follows the money. So let’s see how much dough they’ve been making. Roll over for the list of top 5 highest paid NBA players this season.
5). Shaquille O’ Neil- The 38-year-old actor/rapper/US Deputy Marshall (and most importantly) NBA player has outwitted many in his field based on his pure size and strength alone. O’Neil, alongside LeBron James, helped the Cavs earn the top record in the league. He makes about $20,000,000.

4). Tim Duncan- In his 13 years, he has made a lot of money for the Spurs franchise, with his four Championships in San Antonio. So the NBA decided to reward him for his services at $22,183,218.
3). Jermaine O’ Neal- He is the perfect example of an overpaid but worked player. He was one of the premier big men in the NBA when he played for the Indiana Pacers, but he lost ground with his diminishing performance. After his contract expires this summer, he probably won’t be making $22,995,000 as he is now.
2).Kobe Bryant- He’s been accepted as the Lakers’ permanent player after signing the contract extension for another four years. He continues to play with his swollen right knee. Hence the fans know that he deserves his paycheck of $23,034,375.
1). Tracy Mc Grady- Currently playing for the New York Knicks, the star has made big bucks owing to his big-name persona. He hasn’t played a good part of the year due to his injuries, but still made the dough of $23,239,561.Rumors are making the rounds that the franchise is looking to get LeBron on their team once Mc Grady’s contract expires this summer.

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