Transformer-shaped wine rack is frighteningly beautiful

Wine racks, more often than not, are built to look sophisticated and chic, given the fact that these storage spaces usually house expensive beverages, at times dating centuries old. Well, that apart, if you’re still adamant about having a wine rack that’s a mile apart from the conventional, we suggest you consider this awesome Transformer-shaped rack! Weighing in at a back-wrecking 1,000 pounds and capable of holding up to 32 bottles of wine, this one was built from used transmission parts from automobiles and motorcycles and stood 6 feet tall!

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Sporting cleverly mounted LED lights that make this intimidating wine rack somewhat aesthetically pleasing, this one’s priced at $7,000 a piece and is indeed a wine-rack your guests wouldn’t want to pick bottles out of built for man-caves and boy-dens.
[Phoenix-Craigslist and Dvice]

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