Treading on the right path to fitness

With a plethora of self-proclaimed ‘high-end’ fitness equipment cramming our purchase options, it is necessary to filter out only the best. With its range of meticulously constructed and smartly designed treadmills, California Fitness offers some of the most credible solutions for the fitness-conscious.

With over three decades worth of experience in developing state-of-the-art fitness solutions, the treadmills developed by California Fitness constitute the key ingredients required in one’s fitness regime – stability, comfort and durability. With offerings ranging from commercial to residential grade treadmills, the equipment comes with the promise of power consumption that’s 40 percent lower than other treadmills, low maintenance and great value. If you’re looking at unparalleled customer service and a confidently offered warranty, then look no further than here.

Leading the charge from the house of California Fitness is the Malibu 12T treadmill. It sports a sleek new design and has bragging rights of being the company’s flagship offering under the Malibu line. Built for runners and walkers, the surface offers a rich experience that is smooth and cushioned while maintaining sturdiness. The experience is no less delightful than what walking on air would feel like.

The attention to detail in every aspect of the Malibu 12T is admirable. Inside the motor cover, there is a lube and brush kit for added value and convenience. Right from the thicker-than-usual orthopedic belt that promotes recovery to the special AirTouch Shock Absorption System that makes all the difference while running or walking. In fact, the system affectively reduces stress on the knees and other joints by up to 70 percent.

The 12T is powered by a large 3-phase A/C motor that produces 8 HP of power. Famed as the most durable treadmill motor in the market, it runs silent yet effective. More importantly, the motor ensures that the treadmill functions at a constant speed, thus avoiding the frequently observed hassle of belt slippage or uneven speed. The 3-Phase A/C Motor is one of the most talked-about feature of the Malibu 12T.

Durability in any fitness equipment purchase is one of the key discussion points. In case of a treadmill, the frame holds the key to how durable the machine truly is. The Malibu 12T comes with a forged steel frame that is built to serve for life. Which is why the company confidently offers a lifetime warranty on the frame.

With a great build and sturdy deck, the last but critical element in the structure of a treadmill is the console display screen. It is after all this screen that is the measure of performance for every fitness enthusiast. The display on the Malibu 12T can keep you entertained with entertainment on the Web, while you workout. The treadmill’s android computer allows you to have all the same apps you have on your phone and is fully customizable. The three modes that can give you an enriching workout experience include the Time Mode (for duration training and endurance), the Calorie Mode (to measure the exact amount of calories you need to burn and track the process as you proceed to do so) and the Track Mode (for instant visual feedback on your workout). Other benefits include Bluetooth and AUX connectivity, Scene Selection for great visual simulations and a near instant Heart Rate Sensors. The 12T also comes with a Polar Chest Strap standard.

The Malibu 12T makes for a great fitness companion that blends in luxury with effective fitness performance.

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