Tumi Mixology Set to serve cocktails on the go

Mixology is quickly becoming a popular pass time amongst the rich and famous. The ability to whip up an old fashioned or a martini is a must in every, single man’s repertoire. Which makes Tumi’s limited edition portable mixology set a must have for the dapper man. Each set looks like a suitcase when shut, concealed inside each suitcase is a wide range of bar accessories, such as martini glasses, shakers, one and two ounce jiggers, a zester, stirring spoon and fork, a wooden cutting board and ice bucket. The exterior of the set is made with handmade leather; the interior is finished with nickel hardware and stain resistant fabric. Tumi’s set also has two built in spaces to hold bottles, be it their own brands, Ketel One and Don Julio, or one of your choice.

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Each set retails for $3,395 and is a great alternative to Louis Vuitton’s Case for the price conscious and a more versatile option to Macallan Linley’s Whiskey Case. There are only 60 pieces of this versatile mixology kit, so people looking for a portable martini should hurry.