Two billionaires set the world record by ordering champagne worth $2.6 million

The rivalry among the rich and wealthy does not stop at outshining each other by buying the most exclusive cars and mansions. It continues right down to who can order the most number of drinks. Paving the way for this new way to rival against one another were billionaires Zhen Low (younger brother of Malaysian billionaire Jho Low) and Winston Fisher. The two squared off against each other at Les Caves du Roy nightclub in St. Tropez. The East vs. West contest to see who could order the most champagne resulted in a new world record. Low was the undisputed winner with a staggering bill of $2.6 million by the end of the night. Witnesses to this unique competition were Thor Equities CEO Joseph Sitt, SBE CEO Sam Nazarian, and Paris Hilton.

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At a time when billionaires are coming together to pledge their wealth towards charity, this wasteful spendthrift event is sure to set many critic’s tongues wagging.

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