UCB Comic Craig Rowin asks for $1 million on YouTube and nails it

Have you ever tried to ask for money on the internet, just for the heck of it? If you are worried about being embarrassed, then you’re thinking wrong! Some months back, 27-year-old Craig Rowin, a comic, used YouTube to ask any millionaire to give him $1 million for nothing in particular. “Please give me $1 million. Now you have millions and millions of dollars. Give me one million. I don’t need it for anything specific, but I think it would be awesome,” he says in his video and follows it up with the e-mail ID [email protected]

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Once open to public, Rowin did receive a lot of responses and finally a man simply named as Benjamin called to offer $1 million that too live onstage when he performs at the UCB Theater on February 2. Rowin improvises acts for the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City and is a contributor to The Onion and its TV show, Onion SportsDome, apart from being the head writer and director for the ESPN.com webseries, “The Pretty Good Sports Show.” While advance tickets are sold out, you just might get some on show day. Just when you thought the dot-com bubble had burst!

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