Unique R2D2 figure made from Lego pieces up for grabs

Sci-fi freaks that can’t have enough of Star Wars memorabilia; here are something just for you. Robert Massello Antiques is actually selling an amazing figure of the adorable droid R2D2, which has been constructed from thousands of Lego pieces! Made in 1980, this unique figure is a work of art. The detailing and color combination, along with the patterned design and shapes, make this piece one of a kind and almost impossible to duplicate. If you are a true fan of Star Wars, then you definitely need to get this unique piece for your collection.

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For $6,400, the cute Lego R2D2 stands tall at 3 ft. 8 in. and is sure to become the crowning jewel of your Star Wars memorabilia collection.

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