Vaja unwraps new i-Volution models for the Motorola Q

Looking out for protection for your Motorola Q from the occasional fit of butterfingers or accidental drops but also concerned that the case that should look great and not clash with your masterpiece? Vaja, a well-known maker of fine handmade leather cases for PDAs, smartphones, iPods, and more, has outdone themselves with their i-Volution Holster. The case looks wonderful; catching the eye of Q owners everywhere; fits like a glove and offers excellent protection. All ports are easily accessible and the case has the rich smell of exquisite high-quality Argentine leather. Vaja’s i-Volution line is unique: it’s a semi-rigid, form molded case finished in leather. It’s one of the least bulky cases on the market.

The case stays securely shut thanks to two magnets under the flip cover. The cover is easy to open one-handed by slipping your thumb under a top corner and pushing, yet it stays shut in pocket or purse. Moreover, you can customize your own case by choosing among several leather colors and embossing your name or logo on the backside. It’s hard to find a case that we have no complaints about, and the Vaja is one of them. It’s got a great look, is very protective, is finished perfectly with every surface looking good, and every cut outmatches the device well. While expensive, nothing approaches the looks, fit, and style of the i-Volution.

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