This Valentines, gift your loved one an exclusive Portrait made from broken LP’s

If flowers, jewelry and the likes just don’t seem to fit the Valentines bill for you, here’s your chance to go all out and give your beloved half the gift of a lifetime! Thanks to Luxury launches site, you can now etch your relationship song into a canvas made from broken and ground down pieces of Vinyl, specially arranged and woven into a beautiful painting for your dearest!

As impossible as it may sound, the unique portrait is made minus the use of paint, pencil or charcoal and is simply got to life with the help of Vinyl dust. The prodigy behind this is artist Ben Riley, who is the only one in the world to make these one-of-a-kind portraits. Riley uses a 30 x 30 canvas to capture the broken LP’s and accommodates larger shards and the actual labels to create its desired shadows and texture. Owing to an almost 3D formation, each of his paintings appear to be reflective and evoking all at once.

Riley’s unique art has also earned him a celebrity following with the likes of Pharrell Williams being his clients. Per Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo , “This is a truly special opportunity to see the sound of a couple’s love, in a one of a kind portrait that has huge talkability. It is a romantic bespoke fusion of music, art and love – just in time for Valentine’s Day.” You can end the Valentines gift search already!

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