Van Gogh’s paintings to be reproduced in 3D

Spectators and collectors can now enjoy a Van Gogh in 3D, thanks to the collaboration between the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam and FujiFilm. This feat has been achieved through a new technology developed by Fujifilm Belgium, known as Reliefography, which uses scanning and printing technologies to recreate a work of art. The image thus reproduced is accurate in size, color, brightness and texture in comparison to the original. It not only replicates the front of the canvas, but also goes beyond to the rear, creating a replica of even the labels and stamps.

Reliefography includes steps wherein the painting is first scanned in 3D, then printed in professional high resolution using Fujifilm UV inkjet printers and anti-counterfeiting technologies. The entire procedure is closely accessed by experts from Fujifilm as well as the museum.

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As of now, five Van Gogh paintings have been reproduced, and the collection has been labeled – Relivos. The paintings include: Almond Blossom (1890),Sunflowers (1889), The Harvest (1888), Wheatfield Under Thunderclouds (1890) and Boulevard de Clichy (1887). Each of these have been approved by the museum’s curator.

The reproductions are also available to the public for sale at €25,000 ($33,000). The Relievo collection is currently on display at Gallery by the Harbour in Hong Kong until August 4.

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[Via – Cnet]