Video gives viewers a sneak peek at Britain’s gold reserves!

Not every one of us is lucky enough to have stepped into the walls of Fort Knox. For those who have, staring at walls of pure golden bricks isn’t all that awesome. And for those who haven’t, folks like us to be precise, a sight as such is stunning! A recent video by University of Nottingham professor Martyn Poliakoff gives viewers an inside look at the massive gold reserves at the Bank of England. Completely in love with the metal that the rest of us seem to love too, Martyn works on a Web site and YouTube channel known as The Periodic Table of Videos, for which the video was created.

Currently, the United Kingdom has packed away nearly 197 billion British pounds ($315 billion). All of this is in bars of pure gold that have been stored securely in a high-security vault. The video, of course, does not divulge the location of this vault. Grab a glimpse of one of the biggest stores of gold in the world with the video above!