Vielle Bon Secours is the world’s most expensive beer!

People are going gaga over the world’s most amazing stuff. Be it staying in the world’s most expensive suite or manoeuvring in the world most expensive car or drinking the world’s most expensive beer. Yes there actually is something of that sort too. The tag of “world’s most expensive beer” goes to Vielle Bon Secours, which is available in London in a bar called Bierdrome and sells for around $39 a pint. WOW! This can actually help people quit alcohol as no one would really care to splurge like that except may be Paris Hilton and her bunch of freaky friends and people of her ilk.

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Other contenders on the list include Samuel Adams limited edition Utopia, which sells for $100 per 24 oz bottle. I am not much of a drinker and considering the price tags I am thankful!