Vintage, Possibly Rarest Ever NES Game Reaches $100,000 mark on eBay

Sometimes we perhaps take nostalgia a little too far, then again antiques and collectables are usually rare items that individuals pay tons of money to own. Take for example a 30-year old video game cartridge for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) that’s going on eBay for around $100,000 (US). It might seem like just a plastic ‘toy’ to some, but to collectors, it’s as much a piece of history as the Rosetta Stone.

The game called Stadium Events, of which only 2000 copies were made, which was effectively removed of off sales shelves and destroyed a long time ago, was one of the predecessors of the Wii that used sensor based (touch) technology (12 pressure sensors on a specially designed mats) to control the on-screen players. It was designed as a game for the whole family and as an exercise system for activity. The games included Olympic track and field events and the technology was bought by Nintendo from Bandai and then re-launched as the Power pad which was their own version of the system.

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According to sources, the seller of this particular cartridge is an ex-Nintendo employee who has apparently had this game for well over ten years. Another copy of the game surfaced awhile ago and sold for over $41,000 on eBay. This current copy has been sealed and verified by the Video Game Authority, a dedicated organisation set up to authenticate vintage and rare items.

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At the end of the day to each his own I say, and for those who have $100,000 to purchase a vintage game you will, in all probability, never ever play, kudos to you. Just remember there are hungry people out there who could survive for a few years on that same amount of money.

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[Via – Telegraph]