Virgin Money lounge in London is what we want all banks to become one day

The new age banking will no longer have a dull moment. In a first of its kind, the ‘Virgin Money’ concept lounge has opened the doors in London for guests to experience the flying banking experience with its ‘Sky Lounge’, featuring Virgin Atlantic first class seats and windows, where customers can recline and take advantage of the in-flight entertainment system. The lounge will also offer free refreshments and snacks, television screens to catch up on the latest news, newspapers and magazines. There’s a children’s area including books, art materials and a games console to keep the kids entertained while you relax.

Virgin Money Lounge is more than money and banking. The lounges offer free Wi-Fi connection and members can even borrow one of their iPads or bring their own laptop into the lounge to surf the web. Members can also avail the space if they wish to host community event or business meeting for free.

The new Virgin Money Lounge is located at 1 Eagle Place, London, SW1Y 6AF. For membership registration, click here. Virgin Money plans to open money lounges in other UK cities in near future, let’s just hope all premium banks take inspiration to make banking experience as much fun.



[Via – Designboom]

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