Virgin Atlantic creates $4,000 Swarovski-encrusted sleep aid

Most busy businessmen, when proper the question about what they treasure the most, they would quite naturally quote ‘sleep’ on the first go. The lack of sleep has made them value sleep so much that they would put any kind of money on their bedroom facilities. Virgin Atlantic has put a lot of money on the most treasured nocturnal activity and created a beautiful eyeshade worth $4,000 in partnership with Swarovski. This accessory is touted to give the passengers The Most Expensive Night’s Sleep Ever. To mark the launch of their new amenity kits, Virgin Atlantic has created five limited edition eyeshades that feature stunning sunglasses designs from the classic Wayfarer to the iconic shutter shade that pops up in Kanye West’s videos.

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The eye shades created by designer Saima Anwar features thousands of tiny red, white and blue crystals that took about 10 hours to make, all by hand. Each design features 3,000 Swarovski elements and each of the eyeshades will be hidden on flights around the globe- giving five lucky passengers the chance to open their amenity kit and beam at the sight of these excusive sleep bands. Well, you probably cannot see yourself looking pretty with the eyeshades on, but the rest of the crowd can, so it’s bling bling all the way!

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