Visconti’s bejeweled Alchemy HRH pen for the well-heeled

Opulent and precious-metal embellished stationery is the new style statement for the rich. After being stunned by the Aurora Diamante Pen last year, we are set to begin our New Year with another royal stunner, the Alchemy HRH by Visconti. The Alchemy pen celebrates Carl Gustaf Jung’s work on alchemy and dualism. This magnificent pen has two nibs, two ink reservoirs and is embellished with two metals on either side, exquisite gold, and silver vermeil. Both the nibs are made of 18k gold, and the body is made from classic, rich red resin. The gold and silver trim is decorated with expensive 4k diamonds and rubies to add to the glory. One cap is composed of gold trim, and the other silver, both of these interlaces create a cosmic map establishing the alchemic symbols.

The Alchemy has a Dragon display unit where the pen is suspended magnetically between two dragons of gold and silver above its crystal shaped inkwell. This makes for a fine and eye-catching display for an exquisite pen like this one and is sure to adorn the desk of a pen collector. However, the pen has a limited edition of only 38 and retails for about $57,000.

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